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by James Cooper

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I need a producer


released January 21, 2016

All songs written composed and arranged by James Cooper



all rights reserved


James Cooper Detroit, Michigan

the literal sound of poverty

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Track Name: Leopard Serpent Crow
a leopard a serpent a crow
find fire alight in the snow
each make a claim to the heat of the flame
each with out heed to the other one’s need

the power the poison the flight
battling all through the night
no pity or patience just dissipation
the cynical head is just as good as dead

cunning and craft
drain it all to the last
leaving nothing
for no one to have

take for the sake
of not giving but wait
what you’re coveting meanwhile
will change into ash

a leopard a serpent a crow
all frozen and stiff in the snow
each wanted more than they even had use for
each casualties of their own lust of war

brothers and sisters take heed
be ever on guard against greed
for danger is certain to pull down the curtain
if you try to resist it so blindly

a leopard a serpent a crow
a leopard a serpent a crow
a leopard a serpent a crow
a leopard a serpent a crow
Track Name: Prayed
Lo my angel curses my name
I set her run run run running free
She left me in her cage
It was serene
A black hysterical dream
This rose don’t wanna grow
But still I tend the garden piously

Penitent before your cross
Thou shalt not love and idol false
A fool
But baby I prayed for you

On my knees
Beggin absolution for my needs
You wanna run free on a kissing spree
But stop me when I try to leave
My love most high
Who you always texting someone on the sly
While you scrutinize my appetites with ever watching jealous eyes

Never had no faith
till my delivery unto your grace
it’s true
but baby I prayed for you

how so bad did I need
someone to give my heart something to believe
then when unrighteous eyes fell covetous on mine
I was born again a lover Of the holy perfect other
Who loved at once my faith Which soon all had turned to hate
For in order to substantiate The lies of dedication
I put on the mean deceiving face You were trying to hide

Dark heart of mine
Always on the hunt for love divine
Run run fast from another past
Another lover crucified
You say I never loved you true
But I’m unholy just like you
I always knew
So baby I prayed for you
Track Name: Hello
Hello I know you’re whole again and out there dancing in the colored lights
With superficial fickle eyes upon you blind to what you
Hold inside you yellow blooded ice eyed lady of temptation
Dove Plume over snake skin in all innocence you lacerate but hey
I learned a thing or two from watching you who wields the knife just right
I’m cutting sharp and harder than I used to thanks to you

Hello six months alone finally disclosed to me this revelation
Twisted little angel face I loved you more than all creation
But all my mind and all my time got bent into your situation
Mutilated hearts scarred scattered shards of shattered inspiration but hey
You’re damaged too and frankly I should pay you thanks
For all the dark decay our mutual destruction made illuminate

Hello I know you’re not alone but you’re lonely and I know you think its fine
Dream beneath another’s sheets but any bed you’re sleeping in’s still mine
A pair like you and me so fair of heart so hard of mind
So unprepared so rare to find a mirror’s cracks exactly matching mine
Hello I know it’s ridiculous but the dissonance was still my gift to you
At least a part of it the serpent struck the heart of it
I’m sorry miss you’re terrible but I still love you